Hotjar Alternative Comparison

There are three core differences between Analyzz and Hotjar:

  1. Privacy – Analyzz respects your privacy. We don’t use your data for our own purpose like other big companies out there.
  2. Features – Analyzz is a complete analytics platform while Hotjar is mainly focused on heatmaps and session recordings.
  3. Pricing – Hotjar pricing is way more high compared to Analyzz.

Analyzz vs Hotjar features comparison

With Analyzz you don’t need to use any other analytics tools;

Hotjar doesn’t provide any quantitative data or graphs of your users. You usually have to use Hotjar together with another analytics platform such as Google Analytics. This means that you must include two JavaScript trackers, send data to two 3rd party companies and keep navigating between the two dashboards to view your site’s data.

Analyzz provides all the analytics tools you need for your site in a single platform. You will save time and better understand your visitors by being able to view all the data in one place.

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