Understand your users better

Take back control with Analyzz – a powerful web analytics platform that gives you 100% data ownership

Convert users into customers

Learn more about your users, take steps to improve and convert them into customers using our easy tools.

Live Statistics

Keep in touch about what's happening with your website. Live analytics that covers every aspect for your concerns

Session Replays

Replay everything that a user does on your website and work towards making your product better


Track your users eye movement, clicks and scrolls movement on your website and improve your product

Session Recordings

Records your users as they use your website. See every mouse movement, keypress, click and scroll movements.

Eye-tracking Heatmaps

See wherein your users are searching and what part of the site they’re interested in by visualizing their mouse and eye movements using machine learning

Teams Collabration

Create teams and add unlimited members into teams. Assign each team to a specific website’s analytics and more.

Real-time Analytics

Feature rich realtime analytics to collect the smallest of the detail about the user.

and much more....

Conversion Funnel

Helps you find out where and why your users are leaving your website. Track smallest of details.

Easy Setup

2-minute setup time. Just copy and paste the tracking code in your website.

24/7 Support

Various channels to reach out to us instantly instead of waiting days on a support ticket.

GDPR Compliant

We take data protection very seriously and Analyzz follow all the GDPR guidelines.

Works on

Analyzz works on thousands of platforms. The setup requires a simple copy and paste and you’re good to go!

and many more platforms….

How Analyzz Can Help You

Understand who your audience is

Gain real-time insight into the demographic and psychographic makeup of your audience.

See what your audience is doing

Learn how unique audiences engage with your website content with sessions replays and heatmaps.

Drive better strategy with unique insights

Leverage your unique audience insights to fuel more relevant messaging, ad campaigns and content.

How Analyzz Works

Most audience insight and measurement tools still use outdated methodologies inherited from radio and television – panel-based data collection with reports delivered weeks if not months later. Analyzz is the only free audience-insights tool that uses direct measurement to deliver real-time insights from across the web.

1) Sign Up

Quantcast Measure is free. To get started, create an account and register your URL.

2) Install the code

Place the Analyzz Pixel Code on your website. It’s just a snippet of code that can be installed in the header of your website, or with any tag manager.

3) See Your Audience

Visit your dashboard to get in-depth insights about your audience. Depending on your site traffic, it can take as little as 1-2 days to fully profile your audience.

Your data, owned by you

One of the main reasons to why should you choose Analyzz over anything else on the web. All the tracked data will be fully owned by you and you can delete them anytime you want.
Read more on what is being collected and how the tracking functions.