Fastest way to understand your user

An intuitive tool that lets you see how your visitors are really using your website with session recording and instant playback.

Fastest way to take care of your website

A powerfull SEO crawler that provides you great insight on how to boost your SEO.
Speed test reports to improve your site speed and accessibility.

Works on all your favourite platforms

Session Recordings

Heatmap Tracking

Real-Time Analytics

Visitor Behaviour

An Easy (and GDPR compliant) alternative solution to Google Analytics

If your customers learn that their data is used for the “own purposes” of other companies, you could lose the trust of your customers and risk losing your reputation.

You won’t make privacy sacrifices or risk your site by choosing the ethical option, Analyzz. You can even use Analyzz without needing to ask for consent.

Content Analysis

Meta Tags

Link Extractor

Speed Test

SEO Crawler and Speed Test

Content analysis

View a content analysis. Check your text/html ratio, headings and etc.
Get full list of meta-tags from web page. View site’s title, keywords, og properties and more.Extract links from your website with anchors, url and find out internal and external links percentage.

Speed Test

Speed-up your website load time by finding most slowest page’s parts.

Get Advice

The system automatically shows you vulnerabilities and gives advice.


Features 🤗

We have all the tools you’ll ever need to monitor your visitors

Read your web analytics, at a glance

At Analyzz we like to keep things simple. Not in functionality but in our interface. In one overview you see exactly how your website is performing. 

Session RecordingsBETA

Records your users as they use your website. See every mouse movement, keypress, click and scroll movements.

Eye-tracking heatmapsBETA

See wherein your users are searching and what part of the site they’re interested in by visualizing their mouse and eye movements using machine learning.

Teams Collabration

Create teams and add unlimited members into teams. Assign each team to a specific website’s analytics and more.

Real-time Analytics

Feature rich realtime analytics to collect the smallest of the detail about the user. Analyze them one by one and start converting your visitors into customers.


SEO Crawler

Crawl your websites and get important informations about your SEO.

Speed Test

Speed-up your website load time by finding most slowest page’s parts and get detailed reports.

and much more...

Conversion Funnels

Helps you find out where and why your users are leaving your website. Track smallest of details.

Easy Setup

2-minute setup time. Just copy and paste the tracking code in your website and voila!

24/7 Support

Various channels to reach out to us instantly instead of waiting days on a support ticket.

GDPR Compliant

We take data protection very seriously and Analyzz follow all the GDPR guidelines.

Analyzz is perfect for anyone

See whether Analyzz is ideal for you!

Product Managers

Eliminate guesswork by watching Sessions Recordings and see how people are really using your product.

Development Teams

Alongside every session, Analyzz provides a detailed replay of the user's Javascript console log for powerful debugging data.

UX Designers

Get UX insights and better understand user behavior. Where are your visitors clicking? How far do they scroll? All answer in one place.


Get peak clarity with funnels and built-in recordings at every step.

Simple & Affordable Pricing

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per month
  • 1 Website
  • 5k Page Views
  • 5k Visitor Events
  • 20 Session Replays
  • 1 Heatmap
  • 30 Days Data Retention


per month
  • 10 Websites
  • 50k Page Views (per month)
  • 100k Visitor Events (per month)
  • 100 Session Replays (per month)
  • Unlimited Heatmaps
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Seo Crawler and Speed Test


per month
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Page Views
  • Unlimited Visitor Events
  • Unlimited Session Replays
  • Unlimited Heatmaps
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Seo Crawler and Speed Test

What customers say 🙌

They love Analyzz. You might be the next one!

The tool has allowed us to understand exactly how users are using the app and make critical business decisions based on this insight. Extremely easy to deploy yet extremely powerful.
Simon G.
Developer (Health, Wellness and Fitness Category)
Love it. I can easily track and monitor whatever is going on our website. Customer support is always there to help. A lot of patience and very careful to satisfy our needs.
Matilda F.
Content Specialist
An easy and insightful tool that allows teams to communicate or discover their impact on user behaviors or success metrics. As a designer, I find Analyzz to be the easiest analysis tool that we have available on my team.
Andrew C.
Senior UX Researcher
1 +
Total of serving websites
1 M+
Total Served Page views
1 M+
Total tracked events