Behavior Heatmaps

See what users do on your website. Where do they click, what they look at or ignore, how far they scroll and more with Heatmaps.

Explore how heatmaps analytics works

Heatmaps provide a data visualization for diving into your sessions, letting you understand where customers click, why they click or don’t.

Visualize the summary of all the clicks of your users on a smart data heatmap.

Filter your heatmaps in an smart way, according to your pages and your users’ movements.

Free, All-in-One Analytics Solution

*that doesn’t sucks

Easy Setup

Installation is quick and straight-forward. Takes you only 2 minutes to get it up and running.

Lighter and Speed

Analyzz pixel code is light and speed. It doesn't slow down your website at all.

Team Members

Create unlimited teams and invite all your team members and clients at no additional cost.

Multi-Device Support

All our features track and work on Desktop, Mobile and Tablet versions of your website.

GDPR Compliant

Analyzz is 100% GDPR Compliant and stores all customer data within the EU.

Great Support

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